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New ClientsDaniel offers a no cost 15 minute phone consultation.

To set up a time for the 15min phone consult click here to access an automated scheduler, text (520) 955-4304, or email

Returning Clients: Click here link for the automated scheduler.      (520) 955-4304

Daniel does his best to be available for his clients but also models self care by spending periods of time away from his phone. Again please note that Daniel does not diagnose or treat mental health disorders instead he helps you thrive by moving through blocks, regulating your nervous system, and embodying success.

The best investment is in you. When people are in their final moments of life they do not think about their material wealth, they think about the quality of their relationships. Investing in this process with Daniel is an investment in you, the quality of your life, and the quality of your relationships. Material wealth follows you for only so long but personal growth is lasting.

You will get a road map for your nervous system’s functioning, how it has been deeply shaping your daily life in unconscious ways, and you will learn what to do about it. The transformational process works by first setting the initial conditions that expand your capacity (the setting you up for success phase), and then allows you to rewire your nervous system so you can thrive.

The somatic and attachment process has been scientifically shown to work on deeper levels of the brain than traditional approaches. What that means for you is a more efficient process that has more lasting change. Traditional focus on insight is significantly limited. Insight can feel good but it does not equal change.

Daniel has consistent reports of clients who move rapidly up the corporate ladder to executive and managerial status, which may feel indirectly related but often is more direct than clients are consciously aware.


Level One: One to three sessions for specifically targeted nervous system state work. Often times people will have specific states that are stuck in their nervous system from a trauma. Sometimes one to three sessions is enough to regulate the nervous system that is stuck from specific high impact traumas like a car accident.

Level Two: 10 session package. In most cases 10 sessions will be enough time for a significant change. You will get an understanding of your nervous systems functioning and how it has been impacting you, understanding of your imprinted feeling states,  specific skills that will help you move through blocks, and rewiring of some nervous system functioning.

Level Three: Over the course of weekly or bimonthly sessions you will be able to work processes that restore and uncover your nature. You will discover your innate wholeness. You will get attachment re-patterning work (identification and active working with attachment strategies) to optimize your relational nervous system, the ability to recognize and ally with your innate bottom up intelligence, experience of returning home to your innate blueprint for health, understanding of your character structure, overhaul of your nervous system functioning, and coaching to attainment of specific goals, as well as all of benefits of previous levels.  At this level of working you will be able to use the relationship with Daniel to facilitate you being the most effective version of yourself.

If you are interested in working with Daniel email him at with a little about yourself. His practice typically books one to two months out for new clients.